Praying Together

Once a month we hold a time of prayer in the chapel for the church and the wider world. We start at 7.30pm with a worship song and then chat over the topics we feel need prayer at the time eg Easter, children's work, the elderly. These are written on cards to prompt us. The first half hour is spent on St Nick's and then after a short break we turn to wider local and world issues.

We finish with another song and end at 8.30pm.
Everyone is welcome to join in this time of prayer and to seek God's guidance and help. 

Can we pray for you? Please leave your prayer requests through the form below or join us at our meetings. The following are the dates in 2018:
17th Jan, 14th Feb, 14th March, 18th April , 16th May, 13th June, 11th July, 19th September; 17th October; 14th November.