About Us

We  take Jesus Christ and the Bible seriously, both as a way into knowing God at a personal level and as wisdom for life in today’s world. We are gently evangelical where ‘gently’ reflects the way we aim to treat people rather than any lack of commitment to the ways of Christ and the Spirit.

We try to be inclusive and to welcome everyone. As a community, we are of different ages and backgrounds and we welcome people whether they have a sure Christian faith or struggle with belief. We value the Bible with its message of God’s love for all humanity, the work of the Holy Spirit among us, not least in worship, and the opportunity to enhance people’s quality of life both locally and in the wider world.

We believe that Jesus Christ is good news, that he offers a radical welcome, a great and generous invitation to share in the wonder-filled blessings both of God’s creation and of a relationship with God. We also believe that Jesus offers some great challenges to this and all generations.

Although God invites us to share our needs and concerns, prayer is not so much an activity through which we talk to God as a relationship in which we encounter God and God's great love for us. At the heart of prayer is God's acceptance of us; the joy of knowing that we are welcome in the presence of our Creator.

Jesus taught his disciples to make specific requests for God to bring his love, peace and goodness to bear on current human situations. Both the world as a whole and people’s individual lives are spoiled by suffering, injustice and other calamities. God invites us to bring such things in prayer with the promise that he is more powerful than the darkness that sometimes surrounds us.

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